BNU-SGI Center

General information
"BNU-SGI Bioinformatics Training Center" was established in September 2003. In the same year, it was approved as the "Bioinformatics Training Center of National Life Science and Technology Training Base" by the Ministry of Education. The Center relies on the solid foundation of BNU scientific research and personnel training, and the technological advantages of Silicon Graphics, Inc. in supercomputing, large data management and visualization areas to train high-quality compound talent in life science in the twenty-first century, carry out research on bioinformatics, and implement the training of personnel in bioinformatics. It is designed to contribute to the development of bioinformatics and life sciences in our country.

Hardware Environment: SGI Altix3700 high-performance computing system, equipped with 16 Intel 64-bit Itanium2 CPU, physical memory of 16GB and optical disk storage system of 2.4TB; two SGI Octane2 dual-CPU graphics workstations, and one HP color printer, applied to the data processing for three-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules and scientific visualization research. In addition, the multimedia classrooms equipped with 42 Dell computers is open for faculty and students of the College of Life Sciences to free use.

Software environment: MPI parallel environment based on SGI Altix3700 high-performance computing systems; software package GCG10.0 and EMBOSS system used for bioinformatics data processing; Insight II system used for data processing of protein three-dimensional structure and molecules dynamic and modeling; MySQL database management system based on 64-bit Linux systems, etc.

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