Digital Museum

"Modern Distance Education Project" of the "21st Century Action Plan for Invigorating Education" of the Ministry of Education set up a special project of "Construction of Modern Distance Education Online Public Resources - University Digital Museum Project" in 2001. As an important part of the second phase construction of University Digital Museum of the Ministry of Education and of the construction of Digital Information Resource Management Center of Philosophy and Social Sciences of BNU "Project 985," BNU Digital Museum of Ecological Diversity began to be constructed in 2007.

The BNU Digital Museum of Ecological Diversity mainly displays the plant and animal specimens saved more than a century in the College of Life Sciences. Since the establishment, it has formed a wealth of reserves of biological educational resources, and collected a number of pieces of exquisite hand-painted educational wall charts and plant and animal specimens and models with a wide range and distinctive features. There are nearly 300,000 specimins in the collection.

Establishing the digital museum of ecological diversity and storing and displaying plant and animal specimens in digital form will help to achieve resource sharing, protection of valuable museum resources, implementation of the modernization of teaching, research and science education. The WEB-based digital museum of ecological diversity will break the constraints of time and space, allowing the whole society to visit the museum at any time, and the storage of digital library resources facilitates the retrieval and sharing of resources; the multi-media presentation helps the performance of multi-faceted library resources; the network's unique interactive features will be able to support the visitors as they participate in ecological diversity education; and the digital museum will have a good social benefit.

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