Experimental Teaching Center

Relying on the solid scientific research and teaching foundation, the College of Life Sciences established an experiment center for biological basis teaching in 2000, and in the same year passed the qualified laboratory evaluation of Beijing; at the beginning of 2003, to further enhance students practice and innovation ability and overall quality training, the School focused on the establishment of innovation scientific research platforms, field internships, and skill training bases for students of various types, deepened the integration of resources, strengthened the overall planning, and expanded the original "Experimental Center for Biological Basis Teaching" to be "Experiment Teaching Center for Life Sciences and Technology," laying a solid foundation for the cultivation of high-quality science and education talent; it was evaluated as the first experimental teaching demonstration center of Beijing in 2005.

The Center is a teaching entity of two-level management by the University and the School, in accordance with the operation and management mode of "unified planning, unified construction, unified use, unified management," under the guidance and supervision of the Committee of Experts for the School Laboratory Construction and Management. The Center implements the overall planning and design of experimental curriculum, centralized management and sharing of various types of experimental teaching resources, centralized procurement of laboratory materials and equipment, and unified deployment and evaluation of teachers. Thus it not only unifies the basic teaching experimental conditions, but also manages large instruments and equipment related with research as a whole, realizing School-wide sharing, and giving priority to ensuring experimental teaching, guaranteeing all experiment teaching resources be used effectively to a maximum extent, giving full play to the strong experimental teaching function of the Center.

The Center establishes an experimental teaching and innovative research platform for training innovative personnel, and its laboratory equipment and other hardware environment and conditions have basically reached the level of modern teaching laboratories. The Center now has fifteen undergraduate course teaching laboratories including general zoology, molecular biology, developmental biology, and nine ancillary facilities of experiment teaching including the animal and plant tissue and cell culture rooms, biology specimen rooms and the life science experiment technology center. The laboratory occupies an area of about 3,400 square meters, with 35 pieces of large equipment valued at more than 100 thousand Yuan, and fixed assets of more than 17 million Yuan, in addition, there are large-scale instruments of more than 26 million serving for undergraduate experimental teaching, research and innovation.

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