National Biological Sciences Base

Unit: Ministry of Education
Superintendent: Wang Yingdian (Professor and president)

  The National Biological Science Base at BNU is the cradle for innovative talent in national bioscience fundamental sciences research and teaching. The purpose and mission of the Base as well as the personal quality and cultivation pattern of innovative talent in the biosciences believes that innovation is the soul, teachers are the key, quality is the essence, investment is the foundation, and system is the guarantee. The Base believes that the cultivation of ability as its key mission and constructs the “122” innovative talent cultivation mode of “wide knowledge, solid foundation, strong ability and high quality.” It strengthens the cultivation of students’ application ability in basic knowledge and skills as well as the coordinative development of their logical thinking ability, practical ability and innovation ability. It has established a distinctive characteristic of schooling and achieved apparent success.

  Currently, the Base has passed the “Tenth Five-plan” conclusive acceptance inspection and obtained the Undergraduate Ability Training Project supported by the National Basic Science Talents Training Fund, which was applied in 2006. This project aims to strengthen the cultivation of the practical ability and skills of students and realize the transformation of mastery of scientific knowledge into practical application of the knowledge through the construction of supporting conditions including a comprehensive innovative experimental platform and digital educational environment of bioscience, as well as the cultivation of undergraduates’ scientific research and innovative practical ability and the construction of widespread field practice educational base. This will effectively promote the innovation ability and comprehensive quality of the undergraduates and can contribute to the cultivation of basic scientific research and teaching talent in biology.

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