National Biological Sciences and Technology Talent Cultivation Base

Unit: Ministry of Education
Superintendent: Ge Jianping (professor and vice president)

The BNU National Biological Sciences and Technology Talent Cultivation Base, which was established in 2002, has been devoted to developing into a first-rate and world famous base that can cultivate innovative talent of wide knowledge, solid foundation, strong ability and high quality through complying with the guiding ideology and requirements of the country, starting from the century-old educational practice and adhering to the fine tradition of “Patriotism Progress, Honesty, Sincerity, Truth-seeking, Innovation, and being a paragon of virtue and learning.” It persists in the developmental mission of “innovation is the soul, teachers are the key, quality is the essence, investment is the foundation and system is the guarantee,” and aims to meet the national strategic demand and the leading edge of worldwide bioscience to highlight the schooling ideology of “three abilities”; namely, innovation ability, practical ability, and developmental ability.

Throughout its four years’ development, the Base has continuously consolidated its dominant work in the reform and implementation of a personnel training plan, the development of the faculty, the popularization of biological knowledge and talent services, and degrees of openness of schooling as well as devoting more energy to strengthening the construction of a field-training base and the integration of “education, research and production.” During the three annual inspections, the development of the base has won relatively high praise from experts from the Ministry of Education who are in charge of the construction of this base and has been honored as an Excellent Base for three years (there are altogether 36 bases in the country and only 6 will be honored as an Excellent Base every year).

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