Biological Field Practice Base

Unit: College of Life Sciences of BNU
Superintendent: Song Jie (Professor)

The Biological Field Practice Base of BNU includes the Zoological and Botanical Filed Practice Base in the small dragon gate area and the Invertebrate Animal Field Base in Haibing of Yantai.

The small dragon gate base is located at the small dragon gate forestry center in the west mountainous region of Mentougou of Beijing. It is easily accessibility with an altitude around 1,100m, and it is located in the relatively well preserved warm temperate zone mountainous region of forest ecology and wildlife resources in North China. The fauna here belongs to the palearctic realm of the Northeast sub-real North China District and The Loess Plateau sub-district. Its unique geological environment and wide vegetation ranging from broad-leaved forests to subalpine meadows give births to a unique animal community. There are 107 species, 25 genera, and 11 orders, including 15 national first and second level key protected wild animals and 4 specific types of birds in China. It was authorized among the first bird ringing stations in the 1980s by the national birds ringing center. The Binghai Field Practice Base of Yantai is situated at the Naval Aeronautical Engineering Academy adjacent to Moon Bay of Yantai in Shandong province. The Base is of convenient accessibility and can provide sufficient logistic guarantees including necessary accommodations, transportation, classrooms, and storage of goods. There are different ecological zones around the Base, including rocky coast, sand beach, and a port, where the species and environment can meet the demand of field practice. Since the establishment of the Base in 1985, the School and army have established a good relationship.

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