Educational Practice Base

Unit: College of Life Sciences of BNU
Superintendent: Xiang Benqiong (professor and vice-president)
Along with the development of biology education, the demand for quality biology teachers is growing. Every year, undergraduates in the biological sciences participate in educational practice, and many students of biological technologies also actively attend this activity.
The School has been emphasizing the construction of the educational practice base for a long time and has established good and stable cooperative relationships with a large group of middle schools in Beijing city, developing it into the prominent educational practice base for the undergraduate students of the School. Among them, there are over ten municipal and regional key middle schools including BNU Affiliated High School, BNU Affiliated Experimental High School, BNU Affiliated No. 2 High School, BNU Affiliated No. 3 High School, Beijing Sanfan High School, The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, Beijing No. 8 Middle School, Beijing No.2 Middle School, Beijing 166 Middle School, The High School Affiliated to Beijing Institute of Iron and Steel, The Middle School Attached to Northern Jiaotong University, Beijing Jingshan Middle School, and Asia-Pacific Experimental School of Beijing Normal University. These middle schools receive around 40 to 60 interns every year and provide them with great support. Every year, the College of Life Sciences will send about ten teachers to work together with high school teachers to guide the internship of our undergraduate students. We have established a close cooperative relationship with the Base and with high schools in many aspects including the editing and research of new biological teaching materials, teacher training, internship guidance, and a biological knowledge competition for high school students, which exerts its significant influence on connecting and serving basic education and positively guiding the development and reform of basic education.

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