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Lv Yuan- School Journal ( Lv Yuan in short) is sponsored by the Youth League of the College of Life Sciences of Beijing Normal University, which started its publishing in 1993 and has been published bimonthly since 2006. This Journal is the platform to present the life of the students of the School and is also a special garden for the students. The principal of this Journal is “to start from the School, show our life, and become the media for the colorful cultural life and virtual styles of the students and the bridge between teachers and students.”
The columns of Lv Yuan mainly are: Important News, To Learn, Famous Teacher Forum, Teachers, I Love My Home, Public Welfare, Book Recommendation, Inspiration, Beautiful Mind, Scholarship and Bursary, Training and Practice, Employment Guidance, Life Guidance, and Photos.

Journal Information

Name: Lv Yuan- School Journal
Name Inscription: Hu Yunxia
Initial Issue: 1993
Period: Bimonthly
Format: 16
Sponsor: The Youth League Committee of College of Life Sciences of Beijing Normal University

Chief Editor: Bai Yong
Associate Editor: Li Yonghai
Deputy Editor: Zheng Lei
Editorial Broad: Yan Honggeng, Hu Ruijuan, Chen Si, Jiang Chun, Yu Haouan, Tang Long, Bai Wei, Yang Xingjiu, Xing Yueting, Shao Qingqing
Tel: 010-58807719
Fax: 010-58807720

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