Biology Association

The Biology Association of Beijing Normal University was established in 1984 by famous academician Zheng Guangmei. It was originally named as “Birds Observation Association” and was finally renamed as Biology Association through years of development.
From the initial establishment of the Association up to now, it has established its own ideology and feature in activities, i.e., calling for more people to care about the earth we live on, to be concerned about nature and life, and to promote environmental protection, thus contributing every effort to the sustainable development of the world. The Bird Nest Investigation and Bird Observation activity carried out every year is the classic activity of the Association, which provides students who love creatures an opportunity to get close to nature and enter the world of birds, as well as advocating the concept of environment conservation and bird protection. Every year, the Association will carry out a large-scale biology cultural festival and photography exhibition, as well as touring the animal salvation center. Concurrently, the Association also strives to take the knowledge out of the school and spread it further. The Biological Theater, which occurs each week and the Biological Tips published every half month have fully integrated into the lives of students. At present, the Association has established long-term cooperation with China Green Student Forum (GSF) and Chao Yang Middle School Attached to BNU. The Association is still in an innovation stage and wishes to attract more people to exert their duty in improving the common home for all the human being.

Members of the Association come from different majors and are bound together through the love of biology. They better understand the knowledge of biology through promoting biological activities and enjoying their college life in a free and happy environment with the spirit of enjoying and learning.

We believe that curiosity is everywhere and life is irreplaceable. Through the channel of the Biology Association, you will witness the colorful and wonderful world of creatures.
Present Director: Lin Zheyu
Deputy Director: Hou Tianyun, Bai Yanrong
Subordinating departments: Office department, Extension department, Publicity department, Diplomacy department

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