The Graduate Students’ Union of College of Life Sciences

Through years of hard working of the graduates of the College of Life Sciences, the Graduate Students’ Union pursues its goal to become a practical, efficient, and humanized first class Graduate Students’ Union. During this year, the Union has successfully completed its due tasks based on the support from Campus Youth League Committee, branch party, and has motivated the future development of the Union.

Union construction
The Graduate Students’ Union of the College of Life Sciences is composed of graduate students including doctoral candidates, and its mission is to serve the students well. Although there are not many members in the Union, it is still divided into departments including presidium, academic department, recreational and sports department, publicity department, diplomacy department, office department, and life guidance office. Through the cooperation and collaborative work of each department, the Union completes each task successfully. And the responsibilities of each department are listed as follows:
Presidium: To coordinate each department and plan as a whole.
Academic department: To focus on academic activities and try to enhance the academic atmosphere of the college.
Recreational and sports department: To organize various recreational and sports events to enrich the leisure life of the graduate students.
Publicity department: To publicize various recreational and academic activities and to operate and maintain the website.
Diplomacy department: Be in charge of the communication with various organizations and associations in and out of the School.
Office department: Be responsible for the daily work and management of the documents of the Union.
Life guidance office: Be in charge of the employment promotion and consultation activities.

System construction
During the school year of 2009 to 2010, based on the current status of the Union and the phenomena of lack of collective concept and sense of belonging, the Graduate Students’ Union has conducted the following work under the support and guidance of the branch Campus Youth League Committee: first, we shall create an opportunity and platform for students to communicate with others and discover and develop their ability. Second, the cadres shall improve their own quality and ability, trying to be a person with both ability and affinity. Third, the cadres shall fully exert the principle of democracy and equality to better develop the collective wisdom. Through the further development of the management systems and the regulation of methods of student work, the Graduate Students’ Union will become more and more efficient. Meanwhile, the Union will also focus on the cultivation of leaders to promote their working ability.
This year, the regulations and rules are better developed and reformed with a primary achievement. The separation of branch Campus Youth League Committee and the Graduate Students’ Union make the responsibilities more explicit and the tasks better executed.

To promote the cultivation of the student leaders to enhance their management and organization abilities, each department actively organizes to participate in various quality development and team building activities. The Union also develops future cultivation plans to further development.

The publicity department enhances the strength of online advertising, which utilizes the Internet as one of the key tools and better advertises the activities of the School through websites including bbs and oiegg, etc.

Under the guidance and caring of the School party and Youth League Committee, the Graduate Students’ Union fully exerted its ability throughout this school year and tried to promote its cohesion and capacity. To enrich the leisure life of the students, the Union launched various recreational and sports activities, as well as cooperated with the Graduate Students’ Union of BNU to complete various campus activities, which promoted the team sense and physical and mental health of the students.

Academic communication:
Aiming to offer the teachers and students with a higher starting point and multi-filed academic communication platform, and a widened academic view, the Graduate Students’ Union carries out a series of academic research related activities:
Doctoral candidate forum of College of Life Sciences of BNU and academic annual meeting of Beijing Normal University and the medical research institute of the 2nd Artillery Corps.

Graduate employment related activities.
To further study and practice scientific concept on development, promote the comprehensive quality of the students, actively face the challenges posed by the economic crisis, and enlarge the job-hunting experience of the graduate students, the Union organized a series of featured activities to deal with the job-hunting and employment issue.

Recreational activities
In addition, to encouraging the graduate candidates to focus on physical exercises and cultural interests after study and research work, the Graduate Students Union of the College of Life Sciences holds various recreational activities from time to time.


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