Students’ Union of the School

Through the efforts of the students of the College of Life Sciences, the Students’ Union has been endeavoring to develop it into a practical, efficient, and humanized first class School Students’ Union. And the Union has been following the spirit of serving both the teachers and students. The fourteenth Students’ Union of the School was established in June of 2010, and there are five members in the presidium, including one president, three vice-presidents, and one assistant. There are altogether eight departments under the presidium, including the office department, diplomacy department, human resource department, academic learning department, arts department, publicity department, sports department and rights department. The current president is Chen Si, undergraduate student enrolled in 2008.

Regarding internal development, the Students’ Union has been making a lot of efforts during years of practice. It not only regulates the behavior of each member through regulations and rules, but also improves its regulative documents including guidance for meetings, financial policies, and assessment policies. The referential documents of the Students’ Union include the regular archiving file of the office department, and an inspection report composed by the human resource department after each activity. They have provided valuable records for the development of the traditional activities as well as precious experience for future improvement.

In terms of the safeguarding of rights, the Students’ Union has established a manual for freshmen to help them adapt to their new life as soon as possible. Apart from paying attention to the daily life of the students, the Students’ Union also has established a column called Weekly Publicity which covers various aspects of student life. The safeguarding of rights is one of the focuses of the Students’ Union, and they have established a “rights box” to collect information from students promptly. The Students’ Union seeks to better serve the students and improve the safeguarding of student rights.

Along with the university, the Students’ Union has been active in promoting various activities including the “Chorus for December Ninth Movement,” Food Festival, and the University Sports Meeting. Meanwhile, it also carries out a series of unique activities with biological features on the basis of the disciplinary advantage and the demands of the students, including an activity called “Low carbon environmental protection,” which donated all the money obtained from the sales of environmental-friendly bags to a school for children of workers infusing this activity with deeper meaning. There is also a series of teacher-training activities following the policy of “Teaching wins respect,” which provided the teacher-training students with a good platform in and out of the school. The Union also invites famous scholars and elites to give lectures to the students, providing them with access to different life experiences. The life of the students is also enhanced through participating in various friendly sports competitions with teachers.

The Students’ Union has established a preferable relationship with associated students’ organizations of life science related majors in six universities including Tsinghua University, Peking University, China Agricultural University, Beijing Forestry University, and Capital Normal University, constructing an alliance of Students’ Union and carrying out a series of inter-university activities (namely, orienteering in six universities, a singing competition, a forum for the six universities, Novozymes knowledge competition etc.) which greatly enhances the leisure time of the students and promotes communication and cooperation among the six universities.

The Students’ Union of College of Life Sciences of BNU is seeking achievement through adventure and promoting growth through process. It presents a brand new students’ organization which dares to challenge and innovate, as well as seeking perfection by becoming one of the leading organizations.

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