The Trade Union of the School

Currently, there are 102 members in the Tabor Union of the College of Life Sciences which is divided into five small groups and each member can find his/her own group. Under the leadership of the party and administration of the School, the Labor Union has been devoting itself to the enhancement of the construction and participation in the democratic development and administration of the School to reflect the opinions of the faculty, as well as exerting its role of bridging between the party and administrative leaders and the staff. Through the collaborative effort of the Union leaders and all the staff, the Labor Union of the College of Life Sciences was honored as the “Home of Model Staff” in 2009.

The Labor Union participates in the various activities held by the University Labor Union every year and obtains an excellent performance rating. In addition, the Union also actively provides a harmonious and happy home for the staff through conducting a lot of featured recreational and sports activities to enrich the leisure time of the staff and promote the communication and friendship between the staff to create a people-oriented cultural environment in College of Life Sciences.
Abundant Life of the staff

Chorus competition

Basic teaching skill competition for young teachers

Fruit picking

Fun sports meeting

Gymnastics competition


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