Introduction: Biotechnology in Beijing Normal University is one of the key talent training bases in biological science and biological technology. Students will be exposed to a variety of basic theories in life sciences, advanced research methods and experimental techniques of modern biology, as well as theoretical knowledge in the physical sciences. Students will be able to obtain a solid theoretical knowledge of Modern Biology. Meanwhile, they will know about basic theories, knowledge and skills of Biotechnology. Furthermore, they will master important research methods and experimental techniques on the subject, being qualified in research, teaching and technology development to work in institutes and universities. Also, students are trained to be innovative and practical in their studies and scientific research.
Related courses: Advanced Mathematics, Physics, General Chemistry, Animal Biology, Plant Biology, Microbiology, Genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics Genetic Engineering, Protein Engineering, Cell Engineering, Fermentation Engineering, Basics of Biochemical Pharmaceutics, Biological Technology Training and related experiments. Bilingual education is applied in some courses (Chinese and English).
Career Prospects: Students are qualified to pursue an advanced degree in fields of Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and other related disciplines. They should be able to do research and teaching in institutes and universities directly related with Biotechnology. Meanwhile, they are qualified in scientific management and technology development in companies and government organizations.

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