Department of Cell Biology

The Department of Cell Biology is developed on the basis of the Cell Staff Room led by the well-known cell biologist Wang Kunren. The Department of Cell Biology at Beijing Normal University was among the first group of National Key Disciplines (1988), and it has been funded by “211 Project” since 1996. There are several institutes including the Institute of Cell Biology (1999), Key Laboratory for Cell Proliferation and Regulation Biology, Ministry of Education (2000), Institute of Proteomics Research in Higher Education (2001) and Institute of Medicine in cooperation with Beijing Normal University and the Second Artillery General Hospital.

In the department, there are nine professors and two associate professors, among whom three are awarded the National Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars; two are selected as New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education; two are Jingshi specially employed professors at Beijing Normal University and one is under the project of Master Teachers of Beijing Universities. Many research projects are undertaken including projects under the National High-tech Research and Development Program (863) and the National Program on Key Basic Research Projects (973), major research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and key projects of the Ministry of Education and the PhD Programs Foundation of the Ministry of Education.

In the department, two courses of undergraduates (Molecular Biology and Cell Biology) have been selected as national excellent courses. Many influential textbooks such as Cell Biology and Experiment of Cell Biology have been published. In its discipline construction and development, a series of basic research projects have been systematically conducted concerning Mitosis and PMF, Cell Cycle Kinetics, Cytoskeleton, Cell Cycle Checkpoint and Centromere Binding Protein. By doing research on Proteomics and Cell Proliferation and Regulation, the department has made a great contribution in pushing Cell Biology into a new stage in which Cell Biology study is based on Proteomics. Therefore, the department gained its research characteristic and academic status. With an influential research focus and favorable scientific research conditions, the department becomes a platform for scientific research and a base for training high-level talent.

There are four directions of the scientific research in the Department of Cell Biology at Beijing Normal University: Structure and Function Regulation of Cell Proliferation, Cell Cycle Dynamic Proteomics and Screen and Selection of Tumor Markers, Molecular Mechanism of Cell Aging and Development of Neoplasm, Important Signaling Pathways in Cell Proliferation and Regulation.
These research projects introduce Proteomics to the research field of Cell Proliferation and Regulation, which proposes and develops research techniques of Cell Cycle Proteomics to screen and select tumor markers. By applying the technique, sixty-two protein molecules are identified that are related to the development, invasion and metastasis of lung carcinoma. A series of research achievements have been made in the early diagnosis of tumors and the mechanism of tumor cell migration. Several new proteins have been discovered that participate in the formation and functional regulation of centrosome and spindles. And a breakthrough has been made in the molecular mechanism of the plant cell microfilament cytoskeleton structure dynamic control, with a related paper published in Plant Cell. Valuable research findings have been achieved in calcium signal transduction and regulation, in protein modifications and degradation mechanisms and in regulation mechanisms of a cell’s aging process. From 2005 to 2010, ninety-seven articles have been published in SCI (Science Citation Index). A major project under the Plan of The Ministry of Science and Technology of China: “Proteomics Research on Important Issue and Cell Dynamic” has been undertaken. The department has participated in eight projects under 863 Programs and 973 Programs. Seventeen projects are funded by National Natural Science Foundation. Two projects are funded by National Natural Science Foundation Project. Two are funded by National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars. And there are two overseas cooperation projects.

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