Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology

The Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of the College of Life Sciences at BNU was established in 2009, based on the Teaching and Research Room of Plant Physiology and the Teaching and Research Room of Animal Physiology and Neuroscience and Genetics. Currently it has a permanent staff of sixteen people, including seven professors, six associate professors, two senior engineers, and one engineer. The institute includes master and doctoral degree programs of physiology and developmental biology and genetics, as well as the master program in neurobiology and rotating post-doctoral posts. In the past five years, a total of more than 160 graduate students have been trained, including ten PhD graduate students and 83 master's degree graduates.

The Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology aims at the major scientific issues in the field of life sciences, meets the major requirements of national economic and social development (in particular the actual human health and agricultural production), closely focuses on three main directions of "Reproductive and developmental and molecular mechanism of higher plants," "Plant developmental genetics regulation and control and secondary biological metabolites" and "Animal and human cell differentiation and regulation mechanism," to carry out knowledge innovation and innovative talent training.

Over the past five years the Institute has undertaken a total of 22 research projects, which mainly include seven programs of "Project 863," two subjects of "Project 973," one major project of transgenosis, six programs of the National Natural Science Foundation, one program supported by Doctoral Fund of the Ministry of Education, one international cooperation project at the provincial level, three municipal scientific and technological projects and one cooperation project among research units. During the period a total of 178 papers were published, including 69 papers collected by SCI (Science Citation Index) and EI (The Engineering Index), and 109 domestic core journal articles. At the same time, 15 scholarly monographs, edited works, translated works and teaching materials were also published, and 11 national invention patents were applied for and approved.

The Institute emphasizes the introduction and cultivation of talent, based on the construction of an innovative and cultural environment and atmosphere. This includes creating a high level academic team, advocating the leading role of academics, science and democracy, sharing of resources and performance, creating highly refined research objectives and direction, vigorously promoting the strength and level of technological innovation, and strengthening the creation of scientific research results. The hope is that that through the efforts of the next five to ten years, the Institute can be an original innovative research institution for the life sciences with certain international influences, to make basic, strategic and forward-looking contributions to national economic development.

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