BNU Cell Innovative Research Group

BNUs "Basic study of cell important regulatory mechanism and tumor intervention" innovative research group relies on the BNU National Key Discipline of Cell Biology and Key Laboratory for Cell Proliferation and Regulation Biology of Ministry of Education, with Professor Cong Yusheng being the leader, and consists of core research members of this subject including Professor Cui Zongjie, Professor Zhang Junjie, Professor Xiao Xueyuan, Professor Wei Qun, and Professor Sang Jianli, among others. The discipline of Cell Biology at BNU has a long history, which was identified as the one of the first group of national key disciplines by the former State Education Commission in 1988, successively passed the inspections for national key disciplines by the Ministry of Education in 2001 and 2007, and became an important base for cell biology research and personnel training. Cells are the basic units of structure and function of all life activities. Cell growth and death, aging and cancer, and intracellular signal transduction are important cellular regulatory mechanisms, determining the organism's birth, aging, illness and death. Normal human cells have two of the most important screening mechanisms to prevent tumorigenesis: the cell aging and death. There is a common regulatory mechanism for cell senescence, death and canceration, which have close internal relationships. The innovation group intends to start a full range of collaborative research focusing on the important regulatory mechanism of cell growth and its inherent connection with each other, from molecules to cells at different levels, using molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology methods to conduct an in-depth study of the important regulation mechanism of cell growth as well as its application in tumor intervention.

Being supported by BNU innovative research group development plans and national research funding, over the last three years (2007-2010), the project team members conducted research on the regulation mechanisms of cell senescence and canceration as well as tumor diagnosis and intervention, obtaining valuable research results. A total of 72 SCI papers were published, two patents were authorized by the State, five projects are being examined, and one international patent was obtained. They also received national research funding (¥ 18.84 million) in 25 subjects, including ten subjects of "Project 973" and "Project 863," one key science and technology special project of national "major new drug creation" and one international cooperation project, and fifteen surface projects for the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Based on the work of the first three years, the group will continue to conduct all-round cooperative research on the important regulatory mechanism of cells and its intrinsic link, and explore the theoretical significance and intervention strategies in tumor interventions of these important regulatory mechanisms of cell growth.

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